Bibliophiles in Costa Rica

At our garage sale last January, two days before leaving Key West, we sold seven floor to ceiling bookshelves filled with books. (There are still three or four bookshelves stuffed full in the house so we aren’t totally bereft!) Over the years, we have moved several times between neighborhoods and mostly moved books from house to house. We still have sealed boxes with books packed away in storage from the last move two years ago…

The garage sale was very gratifying. So many fellow Key West bibliophiles lost ALL their books (and clothes and shoes and cds and dvds and, . . . → Read More About Bibliophiles in Costa Rica

La Doctora de Piel

OK, I swear I’m almost done with doctor stories. It’s too bad my mother doesn’t read my blog because she will never get to know she was right. In my family, the nicest thing you can say to someone is, "You are absolutely 100% right." This even tops, "Goodness, have you lost weight?"

In this case, Mom is about 75% right. It turns out, I am a bit of a hypochondriac. She doesn’t know this, but in college, I had to stop taking Psych 101 because I thought I was everything: depressed, schizo, manic. I dropped out before we got . . . → Read More About La Doctora de Piel

Eating Out

You’ve heard all about Berny’s, our MOST favorite restaurant in Costa Rica. Tonight, you get to hear about the only other place where we look forward to eating which is, tragically, the food court at the mall. Perhaps with teenagers, that would be true anywhere. (We wouldn’t know. When you live in Key West, the closest mall is 100 miles away. Kinda far for dinner.)

At the food court, the boys get to have exactly what they want – which often requires trips to more than one bar . . . → Read More About Eating Out

Climbing the Stairway to Heaven

Sweet Jesus, it’s a long haul. Granny Boo is ready, waiting. If she wasn’t too tired to climb, she’d be taking the steps two at a time. She is lucid, as comfortable as possible. She is loved and being cared for. Certainly in no pain. There is nothing wrong with her but old age and a heart that is quitting EVER so slowly. It is very sad for us. And confusing. A lesson in not praying for anything but God’s will. What would we pray for? We have everything but her death.

Isn’t it ironic I’m busy doing . . . → Read More About Climbing the Stairway to Heaven

Pink ‘n Slippery

That about sums up the description of Hal’s gastrointestinal tract, all of it. Frankly, it looks just like his colon. No, we didn’t do this at home! They don’t sell those fiber optic cameras to just anyone, you know. Besides, I just like to watch.

Today, we went back to the doctor for Hal’s last preventive medical checkup. We could have had this done at the same time as the colonoscopy, but we didn’t know it. So back we go.

Let me tell you, Hal is sick of all this . . . → Read More About Pink ‘n Slippery

Miss Me?

HI! It’s been a long week, the last of six of constant construction on our house. I have finally felt the effects of having 2 or 3 guys around my house all day everyday from 6am till 4:30pm, hammering, singing, scraping, chatting, drilling, painting, etc, etc, etc. They are DEAR, completely sober, unfailingly cheerful, remarkably fastidious. All the sounds are happy sounds, sounds, in fact, I begged to hear. But I’m weary of not having my house to myself, no privacy and no silence. I crave silence.

. . . → Read More About Miss Me?

Speckled Cock

Believe it or not, I’m talking about breakfast here.

Gallo pinto (GA-jo PEEN-to) is the typical dish of Costa Rica: black beans and white rice cooked separately, then mixed and cooked with spices. Good gallo pinto is freshly made – not leftovers as many people suppose. And it will have a nice zing to it with lots of fresh coriander, nicely sauteed onions, a little garlic (ok, a lot of garlic), a little jalapeño – YUM.

Fold it into a fresh corn tortilla and . . . → Read More About Speckled Cock

Futbol Fever!

Since the day we arrived, we’ve heard about the Copa Mundial (imagine the red-headed announcer from Dave Letterman saying in his booming-est voice "The KO! PA! Muuuuuuuun-Deee-ALLLLLLL! That’s how it sounds on the radio.)

The Copa Mundial is the World (mundial) Cup (copa) soccer championship and this year it’s in Germany. In Costa Rica, we call it futbol. And we are quite passionate about it.

Despite this . . . → Read More About Futbol Fever!

Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional de Costa Rica to Nashville

Sunday morning we saw the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica. It was brilliant. Chosei Komatsu is our conductor, very accomplished as you will see from his website. And very cute which I personally find enhances my enjoyment of, well, almost anything.

The program started with Noches en los Jardines de España [Nights in the Spanish Garden] by Manual de Falla. Which we missed because we were seconds late and they would not . . . → Read More About Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional de Costa Rica to Nashville

Muchachos Grande

Wherever we go, everyone assumes the boys are ticos. And wondering why these great looking tico kids are dragging around those dumb old pasty-faced gringos… Pretty amusing.

It gets really hysterical when the local doing the assuming speaks rapid-fire Spanish to the boys, with a head nod toward the ‘rents. Ryan gets it for the most part, and can answer back. Watching realization dawn that these boys are not ticos AND we are their parents… Well, it’s confusing enough in the states. Here, there’s another . . . → Read More About Muchachos Grande