Vaccination Screed: Why You Shouldn’t Vaccinate

“Those who are unaware are unaware of being unaware”.
Merrill Jenkins, economist and author

Debating vaccination on social sites takes so much time. Mostly because I have to repeat my reasoning for why you shouldn’t vaccinate every time the topic comes up. I have to remember where I saw the documentation behind the apparently insane idea that vaccination is not all it’s cracked up to be. No more: this is my Vaccination Screed. (Good word, huh?)

If anyone wants to debate vaccines, I’d love to. You will need to read this first and I promise to read whatever you throw at me. You know, like studies proving vaccines are safe (there aren’t any) and effective (none of those either). Then we can debate from a level playing field.

If you don’t have kids, you’ve had all your vaccinations and are perfectly healthy, this post may not interest you.

If you have kids and aren’t 100% on the vaccination thing, why not read up before you decide? You’ll at least get a good start here.

If you’ve had all your vaccinations and are NOT healthy, there’s a chance your illness is related to the poisons (literally) injected with your vaccines. Today’s illness might be, if not cured, then much-relieved by removing the junk via chelation and bio-medical intervention.

If you follow me down this rabbit hole, you’ll meet people who’ve cured themselves and their children of incurable disease. The funny thing is, you are not likely to hear of these methods from your doctor. In fact, your doctor will laugh at you if you mention them. As will your friends. Your enemies will have a field day. Even though none of them have done any research.

But, then, why would they?

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Sally and her family lived in Costa Rica from 2006 to 2010. They miss the pura vida and the wonderful friends they made there everyday.

Now back in the states, Sally is a Functional Medicine & Nutrition practitioner-in-training, homesteader, chickenista, recovering REALTOR® and bio-hacker. You can find her at Nourishing Liberty. The adventure continues!

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25 comments to Vaccination Screed: Why You Shouldn’t Vaccinate

  • Jenny

    Wow – excellent post! My husband and I do not vaccinate our children based on information such as this. His family has a history of reactions and I had terrible ear aches growing up. We both had a lot of doubt that vaccinations are a “cure all” and definitely didn’t want to take the risk with our kids based on our personal experiences. Personal knowledge, not conferred by a doc, is power. Thank you for doing your part to share information so that people can make their own informed decisions. (PS – I found you through John and Jodi Stulak’s blog, in case you’re wondering. Glad I did!)

  • Great article, I will steal it so I don’t have to keep explaining also, thanks! Never vaccinated any of the 7 and none are vaccinating their kids either. More and more people are waking up and asking questions. As usual you are ahead of the game.

  • robin

    I haven’t talked to my daughter yet but hopefully she went through w/ not giving her almost 2yo the flu shots. She follows a modified schedule {far as I know anyway} from Dr. Sears on reg vaxes.
    My daughter had decided not to give HepB to her dau upon birth b/c she was tiny & on a CPAP machine for days – her body had enough to do w/o adding a vax. Daughter signed the paper to delay the vax – the hospital gave it to her anyway. Possibly even before she was asked to sign for having it/not having it & it was in her birth plan to delay it. Not happy campers & I think M was prob in NICU longer than she would have been w/o the vax as she got better then got worse again.
    Anyway, good for you for putting this out there. I’m glad your boys are okay. Oh BTW this same daughter ‘came down with’ asthma for a no apparent reason at age 2 or 3. Thankfully she outgrew it but my oldest daughter now has it – contracting it in Jr. High… I’m wondering if I researched it if there would happen to be a vax coorelation {sp}.

  • Thanks, you all. Please share away, post anywhere, steal it and post anyway you like. I was up all night writing this, once I got started. And I’m still thinking of stuff to add! And once you are down this rabbit hole, everything starts to look suspect…
    Robin, did she have a tetanus shot in high school? I can’t think of other vaccines kids might have gotten then. Unless a booster or a special flu. We just filled up our bodies with whatever they said. Time for a little push back.

  • Thanks for posting this – what a great review Sara! I am doing a workshop on vaccination in my chiropractic office on Nov 3rd, and am inviting local moms groups, community groups, school principals and PTO and whoever else I can get the flyers to. It will be interesting to see who shows up since it is hard for many people to even entertain the idea that vaccination, held up there with baseball and apple pie as an american way…could have anything but a glorious effect that will keep us all from harm.
    The more we all share what we know and at least provide enough info to cause people to question then that is a start.

  • Thanks, Susan. Good luck with your workshop. People are lining up for the swine flu vaccination without any idea of whether or not it’s safe.

  • Yes they are Sara…like lemmings to the sea.
    Some of the folks around here (pennsylvania) are so scared – the media hype is working. One woman I talked to a few days ago, a mom of 2 young children, was panicked because her pediatricians office didn’t have the vaccine yet – I had to literally talk her down until she was calmer. As I asked her some questions, she thought about it, and by the time she left she may even consider not getting the flu shot for her kids.
    It is like we have to slap some folks to get them to settle down long enough to just think! And not be manipulated by the hype.
    Is this an issue in Costa Rica?

  • I saw the sign for “Gripe” flu shot at the pharmacy and asked if they had the shot for bird flu, no, it’s only at the hospital in S.J.
    Thanks to you Sally, I don’t question my decision to not get any flu shots. Never have gotten them and I’m fine.
    You are wonderful to do all this research and share with us!! -t

  • Good job, Susan! The government here in CR just issued a press release that was, without either supporting or opposing, a very sensible assessment of the many dangers, high cost, and questionable value of a mass vaccination, which they conclude should be carefully considered before being undertaken. Feel like we dodged a bullet! But Oscar Arias, the current president, 70 years old, asthma sufferer, had the swine flu and got over it easily.
    Thanks, Teri! The more I know, the more it seems clear a flu shot does more harm than good.

  • Manrique M

    Its scary that I can’t enroll my son in almost any school in CR if he doesn’t have a complete vaccination record.
    I wonder if the rinitis, skin allergies and shortness of sight and even my family baldness are related to all the vaccines we have taken!

  • I would find a doctor who would give me a vaccination record. I’d say all those things are very likely – particularly any allergies – connected to mercury and the other toxins in the vaccines.

  • Manrique M

    Susan wrote: “It is like we have to slap some folks to get them to settle down long enough to just think! And not be manipulated by the hype.
    Is this an issue in Costa Rica? ”
    I think in Costa Rica frankly people couldn’t care less, at least at this point in time. I watch US CNN and I see the US are at the point we were earlier in the year, a complete media circus (#1 infected, a girl, was almost sent to an island or something, poor soul. A month later no one cared who had it or not, go figure, newspeople get bored easily?).
    At this point, people are more concerned on which holiday events are potentially being cancelled cause of the swine flu than the flu itself.

  • Good, smart ticos!!! Someone passed me a notice from La Nacion stating that while vaccination may be good, a mass vaccination should be contemplated carefully before undertaking. Yahoo! More common sense from Costa Rica, that’s twice this week. The first time being when they decided to – omg – follow the CR Constitution and not borrow money to pay current bills. The U.S. needs that amendment…

  • Manrique M

    From “La Nacion” today:
    Drug giant Novartis rejected the donation request of 50,000 AH1N1 vaccine shots made by C.R Health Minister, Maria Luisa Avila. This negative comes after Costa Rica was one of the countries where 4 inmunization options were tested by Novartis, 1 of which was finally chosen by the company. “We wanted some benefit back” said Avila. At $7 per shot the donation represented $350K. As a second option, the Minister asked for a virus secuencer, an equipment valued at $150K used to control AH1N1 testing. Novartis rejected this request as well.
    Novartis offered a 5% discount from the cost of purchase of each vaccine. The Health Minister rejected this offer as it meant all vaccines would need to be purchased from Novartis, which is against the law as the provider is chosen by public bidding. Vaccines are expected to be available by year’s end.”
    Today M.L. Avila seemed pretty upset on the morning TV shows and called Novartis “stingy”.
    Thank you Novartis!!!!

  • Blessings come in funny packaging sometimes!
    Poor Novartis: not making enough money??? I guess they are watching their profits slip away as more and more people say no f-ing way to that vaccine.

  • RS

    My goodness – where to begin with so much misinformation and anecdotes instead of facts…
    Dr. Sears? Any parent with a young child (esp. with any health issues) who decides they can just skip the swine flu vaccine astounds me. A lot of risk based on little or no facts.
    I’d direct you to a few websites with some facts but I doubt you’d want to believe them anyway (like the CDC) but at least go to this one:
    Chiropractors, incidentally, are not trained medical professionals and their advice on vaccines should not be trusted. Take a look some time at what their education entails. Nice short cut to a good pay profession, but on a par with athletic trainers.

  • Well, you are going to have to work a little harder if you want to make a dent here. First of all: read all the links I provided and watch all the videos. Then we can debate this.
    Your link leads to a blog post wherein Paul Offit disagrees with Dr. Sears’s suggestion of a prudent vaccine schedule. You mean, Paul Offit, the vaccine patent holder? Please.
    You say, “Any parent with a young child (esp. with any health issues) who decides they can just skip the swine flu vaccine astounds me.” You obviously have not followed the links and watched the videos I posted. Most of us blame vaccines for our children’s health issues. There is zero scientific evidence that we are wrong about that conclusion.
    You say, “A lot of risk based on little or no facts.” Please direct me to the scientific facts establishing the safety and necessity of the swine flu vaccine.
    You don’t trust chiropractors but mainstream doctors are beyond reproach? Mainstream doctors kill approximately 200,000 people a year from medical mistakes. Prescription drugs kill 300% more people every year than illegal drugs do. How many people do chiropractors kill?
    You say, “I’d direct you to a few websites with some facts…” Please do. Only if they have the science to back up their claims. I look forward to it.

  • Wiiliam G

    My wife and I did not vaccinate our daughter (actually, we caved on the first one at two months, then stopped). But now she is 10 yrs, and facing a round of ‘boosters’ for hep b, etc. and HPV too. I am inclined to go with them now — when she was an infant it just seemed wrong to inflict this stuff on her; but now I think she’ll be more resilient to the side effects. (It’s a little late for H1N1 — we got sick last week and pulled thru).
    But even though I have misgivings about vax, I also share some of RS’s misgivings about the the rhetoric of this screed. Amassing information without methodology is not actually research; anecdote is not argument; polemics is not persuasion. While on the one hand you rail against the medical profession, on the other you are quick to quote Dr. Simpson, Dr. Mendholsson and Dr. Sears — yet (aside from Dr. Sears who is well enough known) you offer no documentation of the source or context of these quotations — and indeed the quotation from Dr. Simpson seems to be one log-rolled among antivax websites, and to the best of my google understanding seems to have been a comment made at a convention in 1977.
    I do value your opinion and passion — and I share some of your healthy skepticism of the pharma-med complex; but alas, this same skeptical nature prevents me from embracing willy-nilly the claims of anti-vax, chelation-positive, conspiracy-theory advocates. While I believe that your motives are generous and caring, I believe there are many self-serving, avaricious, delusional, power-hungry, careerist, demagogues on both sides of this issue. And if science can be mistaken and hijacked, so too can its critics.

  • Thank you. I agree with most everything you say. I take everything I have learned and make an educated guess. A guess because there is no science.
    On the pro-vaccine side, all you have is “information without methodology [which] is not actually research; anecdote [which] is not argument; polemics [which] is not persuasion.”
    Here’s the bottom line: why would you inject known poisons into your/her body with zero scientific evidence that it does any good and is not harmful?

  • I am mystified why you would do so much research (I’m assuming that’s how you found my blog?) then decide to give your daughter any shots at all, in particular the Hep B and HPV. The anecdotal history of the dangers of these two shots are pretty overwhelming. The risks of your daughter ever getting these diseases is decidedly underwhelming. Risk/reward.
    Please watch all the videos and read all that I have posted. Visit and
    You can’t undo vaccination and, unless your daughter is sexually active at 10, she is at no risk at the moment. She can have those boosters anytime.
    Finally, if you decide to vaccinate, I would dearly love to know what was the deciding factor. What was the reward that made the risk worth it. (Or maybe you think there is no risk – I’d like to know.) Thank you.

  • Re. Dr. Simpson, I did research him and, as recently as 2007, he is a Professor Emeritus at Rutgers. I don’t find anything on that quote – I think by the time I got to that one, since it matches my conclusions and scientific evidence that too much over-drugging of a germ makes it grow stronger (to put it in the simplest terms so this doesn’t turn into another blog post), that I put it in the post. I notice he is not quoted on nvic or genrescue. Unless I can find some good source on him, I will stop quoting him.
    There is plenty on Mendelsohn. And I found this on

  • Jenny, I can’t get into John and Jodi Stulak’s blog. How do I do that? I’d love to put a link to them here… maybe I do already and don’t know it? Thank you.

  • Joe Kitchell

    I’ve been following your blog for well over a year. Sonny told me about it (I’ve built most of the Sunny Days fleet either in KW or St. Croix). This vaccination subject is something that’s come up for us again. We had a son 9 months ago in St. Croix during the build of “Island Express”, Sonny’s latest boat. After doing a fair amount of research, we chose not to vaccinate and appreciated this blog when you posted it. We are now living in Hawaii, where none of this is an issue. However, we are contemplating moving to Costa, and it seems some vaccinations would be in order. We’d obviously like to use single dose w/o thimerosal and pick which ones carefully. I would imagine that would be impossible to find in Costa, and we will likely have to spend a few months on the west coast to take care of this. My email address is included and if you could find the time, I’d appreciate your thoughts on necessary vaccinations for living in central america. I have lived in Costa before and don’t think of it as a third world country, but I also believe chances of exposure to certain diseases are higher, especially coming from the states, where you are generally not very careful. Thanks.

  • Hi Joe, nice to meet you! Sonny and Kathy are good friends and we still keep in touch, mostly via Facebook!
    In Costa Rica, vaccines are mandatory for attending school, don’t know if you can get out of it. We homeschooled so it wasn’t an issue. But we would not have vaccinated in any event: no way, no how. Vaccines are not a part of my life until there’s some science proving the safety and efficacy. But there’s not: there are only drug-company bought “studies”… They’ve been caught lying so many times, why anyone would trust them is beyond me.
    Re. Costa Rica and disease: There are no new diseases here that I know of. The only thing you’d risk getting here that you can’t get anywhere else (except subtropic key west and maybe hawaii) is dengue and there’s no vaccine for that.
    What diseases are you worried about? Maybe I can find out about those.
    I will email you, too!

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